Here at the British Pie Association we have a simple set of rules, for a Pie to be a Pie it has to have it’s contents fully encased in pastry. It has to have a recognisable pastry top, bottom and sides. It can be any shape, round, square or even triangular. It can be small, medium or large.  It can contain, meat, fish, veg, fruit, cheese, tofu, etc etc..  It can be Vegan, it can be Vegetarian, it can be whatever you like, but it must be encased in pastry.  See our “When is a Pie not a Pie” page for a pictorial explanation.

Our reviews are aimed at promoting excellence in pie making and baking at a local level. We support local high street shopping and always buy our pies out of our own pockets.  By doing so, we can remain, as we always have been and always will be, a truly independent association with no links, ties or affiliated interest in the industry of pie manufacturing, distribution or sales.

We only publish positive reviews, if we buy a pie and don’t think it is up to standard then we will quite simply not review the pie or the establishment from where it was sourced.

So when did the British Pie Association come into existence I hear you ask….   The British Pie Association was formed in April 2017 when a group of like-minded pie eaters with over 300 years of combined pie eating experience and knowledge got together at the Commercial Hotel in Slaithwaite, Yorkshire, while out for the day indulging in the real ales available on the Real Ale Trail.  (Worth a trip if you like your real ales…. see

On sampling the delights of the very very tasty pork pies on offer in the establishment along side a glass or two of delicious real ale we quickly came to the conclusion that there was something missing in our lives.  After much discussion and cogitating it became apparent that the “missing” was in fact an outlet for our views and sage words on the subject of pies and their abilities to fill the soul (and belly) of anyone partaking of the varied and wide range of cases and fillings these culinary masterpieces.  And so within the blinking of an eye, the British Pie Association was born.  We have no doubt that in  years to come a little blue plaque will be mounted outside the pub marking the birthplace of the association and as a recognition of it’s contribution to the heritage of our wonderful green and pleasant land.

So, that’s it.  If you have any questions then drop us an email or comment in the box provided at the bottom of the page, we are always happy to hear from our readers.

Thank you for visiting and we hope you enjoy our reviews.

The Team at the British Pie Association.