Ham Hock at Roaches Lock

Ham Hock at Roaches Lock

Venue: The Roaches Lock Inn 

Pie: Ham Hock, Chicken, Leek and Mustard

Temperature as eaten: Hot

Rating: 9.2

I was my first visit to The Roaches Lock Inn for a year or so and considerably longer since I sampled any food there. So it was a bit of a mystery tour for me as I’d not researched or been given the usual “you should try the pies at…..” recommendation when I walked through the door on an end of summer balmy evening.  It’s a lovely place to sit in their beer garden and while away an hour or so over a pint of real ale, watching the wildlife around the tree lined Huddersfield Canal that runs up behind the Inn.

I’ve visited The Roaches Lock Inn many times over the years due to their fine selection of Real Ales which are always well kept, poured and served at a perfect temperature, so I guess my expectations were high that the food would be of similar standard.

One of the pies on the menu that day was a Ham Hock, Chicken, Leek and Mustard.  They do vary the pies on offer so check with their website or facebook site before you make a special trip, although I’m told the other pies on the menu are just as tasty.

The pies at Roaches Lock are all handmade and made from local sourced ingredients.  When the pie arrived at my table, I was pleased by the size, it was a substantial pie, and the look of the pie was very appetising.  Both good, as I was particularly hungry that day.  The pie came with thick cut chips, garden peas, a boat of gravy and a little garnish.  The pie pastry was golden, maybe a little over cooked at the edges, but not so much as to spoil the look of pie, and as the pastry was light it didn’t affect the eating, taste or overall flavour of the pie. The filling as you can see from the photos was packed with large chunks of ham and chicken, slices of leek and enveloped in a smooth creamy white wine and mustard sauce.  It was heavenly.  So heavenly in fact that I didn’t touch the boat of gravy, it just wasn’t needed as the filling was so plentiful, a well stuffed pie as we like to say.  The combination of filling and pastry along with the peas and the crispy but fluffy centred chips made for a great meal and I was chuffed that I’d finally made the time to stop for a bite to eat with a glass of fine real ale. To top it off the staff were friendly and attentive and took the time to explain the options on the menu.

I’ll definitely be back to Roaches Lock when the opportunity arises and I’ll try one of the other pies on their menu.  I’ll also make sure that I’m both thirsty and hungry when I do.   


Facebook Site: @roacheslockinn 

Website: https://www.roacheslockinn.co.uk

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