Great Pie, Great Service

Great Pie, Great Service

Venue: Shaw Pie and Mash Shop

Facebook Site: @shawpieandmashshop

Pie: Steak and Kidney

Temperature as eaten: Hot

Rating: 9.0

As I said the last time I visited the Shaw Pie and Mash shop, sometime you become blind to what is right in front of you, or take for granted what is right on your door step.  But, as promised, I’m back, this time for a sit down meal.

It was a bit of a wet and dreary day, but that all changed when my plate arrived.  As I said in the last review of The Shaw Pie and Mash Shop, they make all their pies, sandwiches, hotpots, cakes etc on the premises and have a menu that varies on a day to day basis which is published on their Facebook site @shawpieandmashshop, it’s a great idea and something that some of the larger establishments could learn from.  Anyway…. back to the pie.

The pie was clearly handmade and that is part of the experience and charm of the bakery. The pastry was a good thickness and cooked through, the filling was sumptuous and packed with good size chunks of both Steak and Kidney, the rich gravy that coated the meat was silky and delicious with just the right amount of seasoning.  I’d made a bit of a schoolboy error by ordering a boat of gravy to go with my meal and anointed the pie which really didn’t need it, but I have to say it did go very well with the Cheese and Bacon “Dirty Mash” and Mushy Peas that accompanied the pie.  And as you can see from the photos like a lot of gravy!  

It was a hearty, delicious and filling meal. The whole experience in Shaw Pie and Mash Shop lifted my spirits on that dismally weathered day.  The staff are always friendly, chatty and helpful with explanations as to what is on offer on any given day. It makes a huge difference, far too many places I’ve visited over the years seem to find it a chore to answer any questions, and most don’t offer up information about their wares unsolicited. Well done Shaw Pie and Mash.

So I’ve had the Steak and Kidney and on my previous the Minted Lamb in Herby Pastry , both of which were very tasty.  I wonder what it will be on my next visit?  Watch this space…….. 


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Posted on: September 21, 2019EditorBPA

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