Jewellery and Pies

Jewellery and Pies

The hot Bank Holiday led me down to the Lowry in Manchester to the ‘Makers Market’ – A small selection of stands from artisan bread to Jewellery (Chaya Rose Jewellery #chayarosejewellery) – where I was able to pick up a few gifts.

Then onto the real business of the day, The Cheshire Pie Company. Kevin Pearce had many different pies on offer and it was a toss up between the pork and chorizo, pork and black pudding and the Chicken, Leek and Ham. Although I was sorely tempted by the traditional pork and black pudding, I decided to leave that for my next visit, when I may prefer a more “breakfast-y” pie.

The Chicken, Leek and Ham caught my eye. A nice square pie with a decorative pastry twirl on the top. In the eating, the seasoning came through on the first bite, slightly salty, which appealed to me. The chicken was tender, as was the ham which was in visible chunks, and both flavours came through equally. Perhaps overpowering the leek just a little, but again this was quite appealing to my palate. The whole structure of the pie held together well, which is a good thing as I had joined all the other sunbathers sitting on the grass outside Media City. The pastry was strong, but thin and made this an easy, non-messy meal.

There are a lot of pies that share these ingredients, and I’ve eaten quite a few, so making one that stands out is an achievement. I think the Cheshire Pie Company has done it and I give this particular pie a review score of 8.6


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Posted on: August 28, 2019EditorBPA

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