Australian Pie Treat

Australian Pie Treat

To some Australians the 26th January is referred to as Invasion Day – to others it is Australia Day and the general theme promoted is that you get your BBQ out or head to the local beach. 

I had other things in mind as I made my way up the Pacific Ocean Road on the lookout for Hayden’s Bakers in Ulladulla. The bakery has been visited by such luminaries as the ex-Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull but no bunting or red carpet awaited me when I arrived, they mustn’t have heard that I was coming 😉

A very unassuming store front was busy with people and dominated by a couple of chalk boards – one displaying the classical pies and the other the gourmet pies.  

And right there at the top of the list was one that caught my eye straight away. Mushroom, Spinach and Goats Cheese. Go no further. I’ve always a sucker for anything made with mushrooms, although with pies on offer like Honey Roast Pumpkin, Spinach and Feta, Thai Green Chicken Curry and Alpaca & Chilli Con Carne it was a hard decision.  Take a look at their website or Facebook and Instagram pages to get an idea of the variety on offer.

Probably, as I have found with Aussie pies, this pie was just a touch smaller than the usual British pie, the pastry lid was of multiple very thin layers of buttery puff pastry – with a sprinkling of seeds which added to the perfect golden brown colour.

So, the taste, sublime.  Immediately the taste of field mushrooms came through, perhaps with the hint of seasoning – or was that the perfect blend of Spinach and Goats Cheese.  I had been concerned the Goats Cheese would overwhelm the other flavours – but no, it merely complemented them, and while I was eating the pie I commented, “This is how everyone should celebrate Australia Day”. 

An excellent pie and scores a worthy 9.1

When I go back, I must try the Alpaca!

Hayden’s Pies website address is:


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