Merry Christmas from the British Pie Association

British Pies

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Food Nation – Mens’ Pie Club

British Pies

On Thursday 8th November Gary and I were invited to attend a session of the Men’s Pie Club in Newcastle-upon-Tyne.  The Men’s Pie Club is an initiative run by Food Nation (, and is recognised as one of the 12 Social Innovators around the world which are primarily funded by the Movember Foundation.  Men’s Pie Club …

Can there ever be a perfect pie?

British Pies

Can there ever be the perfect pie? Well on a recent trip to the Mango Tree Indian Restaurant in Kirkby Stephen I may just have tasted it. An Indian restaurant you ask? Yes, well actually I found out afterwards that the ‘pie’ had been hand made in Ramsbottom down in Lancashire (always a good sign!). …

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