Black Cat Pie Company (Part 2)

Black Cat Pie Company (Part 2)

In true mini-series style, we’ll start with a recap. Last time we introduced the Black Cat Pie Company, that is based in Ramsbottom ( ) and sampled the ‘Pub favourite’ – The Mince and Onion pie which apart from the potential to be a bit messy if eaten on the go was very tasty.

So this week, we are looking at the Steak & Ale Offering – billed (as it should be) as Lucy puts it –  “The all-time classic – succulent pieces of prime steak and a medley of fine herbs with a rich, thick ale gravy”.  

So onto the all-important tasting.

The overall appearance was appetising with the pastry being the same as the mince and onion offering – a golden brown colour, that gave it that just cooked look.  With a casing of just 3mm, it was completely filled with chunky and well coloured, steak. The herbs and seasoning added flavour to the steak without overpowering it, but the thick ale gravy was perhaps lacking a touch, (however this may have been a positive as although judged a little on the dry side – the pie held its structure when bitten into – allowing you enjoy the flavours rather than worrying about spillage!).

Steak & Ale Pies are classics and there is a lot of competition out there – The Black Cat Pie Company certainly meets that competition head on and this is a Steak & Ale Pie I would have again.

So again in true mini-series style we’ll tell you what is coming up next time. We have the reviews of the vegetarian offering – The Cheese and Onion, The Chicken and Mushroom and will it be a speciality or not, The Pulled Pork Chilli.

So until next week – Happy Pie Eating.


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