Did Jimmy Clitheroe eat these Pies?

Did Jimmy Clitheroe eat these Pies?

I’ve been travelling up to Clitheroe for the past dozen or so years and frequently park up near Alpes The Butcher on Shawbridge Street. Well on this occasion, after missing lunch, I decided it was time to pay a visit and take a butchers (pun intended) at what was on offer.  

I walked into a bright, airy working butchers – with a central island where work was in progress preparing the meat.  Inspecting the counter, there was an array of hot and cold pies that I was informed were all prepared on the premises. I could have gone for any one of the pies they had on offer, but after mulling it over for a few seconds, I went for my staple, a warm Chicken and Mushroom.

Slightly larger than average, this flaky pastry pie had a very appealing golden look, which didn’t disappoint when I bit into it.  I could taste the mushrooms contrasting with the chicken. There was also a hint of onion to add a fuller flavour. Sometimes when you eat hot pies they can tend to disintegrate and crumble into the foil they came in – but this held its shape and remained intact.

The taste had, to me, a real homemade feel about it, the sort of pie that reminds you of true farmhouse home cooking.

So yes – as I continue to visit Clitheroe in the future I’ll be adding Alpes the Butchers to the list of places I visit. An excellent 9.1


Posted on: February 22, 2018EditorBPA

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