(Yes) Pie Minister

British Pies

Pie Minster in the Northern Quarter of Manchester is the go to place for a quality pie. The menu has such pies with names like Moo (Beef Steak & Ale), Kate & Sidney (Steak & Kidney), Deer Stalker (Venison), Chilli Con Carnage (Beef Chilli)  Wild Shroom (Mushroom). I choose the Chicken of Aragon on this …

Hilton Bakery (but no sign of Paris)

British Pies

I have been frequenting the Hilton Bakery in Norden for as many years as I can remember to pick up one of their Meat and Potato pies. A pretty standard offering, always good quality with a good measure of filling. The only downside being that it can be a bit hit and miss whether there …

Crusty Cob of Delight.

British Pies

If the Commercial Inn at Slaithwaite delivers the true benchmark in excellence when it comes to Pork Pies, then this accolade has to be given to the Crusty Cob in Ancoats (Manchester) when it comes to the Meat and Potato Pie. The demand for these culinary delights means you may have to queue out of the …

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