Real nice NOSh at the Doce Real Cafe

Real nice NOSh at the Doce Real Cafe

You don’t just go to Lisbon to attend the NOS Alive music festival…. well I don’t anyway ;-), but to also to savour the miniature chicken (or salmon) pies.  Locally they are known as ‘Empanadas’ and succulent they are too! We were staying in the Principe Real district just a stone’s throw from the Doce Real café which we frequented daily to pick up supplies for the music filled evening ahead.

To go the Priniicpe Real district and not visit this mythical pastry shop with pendulum clocks on the walls, marble tables and wrought iron chairs, is like going to Rome and not seeing the Pope.   The fame of their pies goes from mouth to mouth.  The puff pastry is possibly a little stiff for some taste, but the filling is moist, with generous chunks of chicken and in Doce Real you can still find other varieties, such as duck, chicken and salmon empanadas. Their size is similar to the North of England Whist pies.

I definitely want to go back and get the recipe!

A true find and a genuine 8.9