Perfect Patagonian Pie Picked Purposefully Pre-Peregrination

Some people would say that Argentina is famous for Football, some say Steaks and some say The Tango – but for me when I travelled there recently the humble Empanada was what I sought out.

Now technically an empanada is not a pie – so I hear you say – “Why are you even considering it”? Well actually I’m not going to talk about the meat, chicken, vegetable, spicy meat and lamb Empanadas I had in Buenos Aires – whether it be from a pop up bakery hidden down a side street or as a starter in one of the many Steak Restaurants that proliferate the Palermo region of the capital.

No, but what I did find on my pie travels, deep down near the Los Glaciers National Parks in Southern Patagonia, was the perfect combination of Patagonian Chicken, Ham and Cheese pie and of course I needed a delicious Craft ale to make the experience complete. The pastry was delicate – a delicious gentle flaky pastry filled with the most succulent fresh ham, chicken, onions and a hint of cheese. This wasn’t the size of a meal in one – a quite dainty offering that held together as you bit into it. I rapidly devoured it (along with the Patagonian Pale Ale – Cerveza Austral).

The warmth and tender nature of the filling and the snack size Pie made them ideal for a trek I had in mind for the following day so I quickly cleaned out the bakery of what was left of their stock for the day! And a great trail picnic they made!

Next time I’m in el Calafate I’ll sure be tasting these again.