Christmas with Shepherdson’s

Christmas with Shepherdson’s

Venue: Shepherdson’s Butchers, 9 Bridge End, Marsden. HD7 6BY 


Pie: Pork

Temperature as eaten: Cold

Rating: 8.6

A great place to shop for farm fresh meats is a small butcher in the Yorkshire village of Marsden trading under the name of Shepherdson’s Farm Fresh Meats.  People who shop there recommend their steaks, the pork chops, the vast selection of home made sausages and their very popular kebabs. But if you visit, one thing you definitely not miss is one of their tasty Pork Pies.

Great eaten cold as a lunchtime snack, the pies are well formed, the pastry is thin, the filling is substantial with very little air gap, and the overall eating experience is one to recommend.  I took one home with me the last time I was in the village and the pie did not disappoint. 

In the eating the pastry was crisp and easy to cut or bite into.  The filling was nicely seasoned and not too hard and compact as some pork pies can be.  I would have liked a little jelly in the pie for my personal taste, but my father-in-law who sampled the pie with me thought it was fine without.   After the initial tasting and review I tasted the pie with some whole grain mustard (as you can see in the picture) and have to say they complimented each other beautifully.

A great little pork pie and definitely one I will buy again the next time I’m in the village.


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