Old Bridge Bakery Favourite

Old Bridge Bakery Favourite

Venue: Old Bridge Bakery – Holmfirth

Facebook Site: @TheOldBridgeBakeryHolmfirth

Pie: Meat & Potato

Temperature as eaten: Hot

Rating: 8.1

I was in the West Yorkshire area talking photos and as midday passed I started to feel a little peckish and headed to a Bakery I’d noticed when I drove into Holmfirth. Holmfirth is a lovely place to visit if you like a good ramble. It also has an old cinema, The Picture Drome, that has been converted into a music venue where many headline artists play as a warm up to UK or global tours and festivals. It’s an intimate venue and well worth keeping an eye on the acts that play there if you enjoy live music.

Back to the pie……

The Bakery has a primary focus on bread, which is delicious by the way, but also makes a small selection of pies. I was feeling hungry and decided to buy a couple of Meat & Potato pies. I left the shop and found a nice spot, a bench in the sunshine, where I ate one of the pies and watched the world go about it’s business. The pastry was lovely and crisp, light and golden, thin but held the pie and contents together well as I bit into it. The filling was minced beef, and of course potato. The mince was very tasty and the potato had held together well and not gone mushy like you find in some pies. There was a slight air gap and not much gravy in the filling, but as the pastry was thin, it was still a tasty and filling pie that I’d gladly buy again. A good pie nice and hot as a snack if you are out and about exploring the countryside as I was. I ate the second pie later in the evening when I got home and it was just as tasty when eaten cold.


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