Nota Bene Crustum

Nota Bene Crustum

Venue: H Taylor and Sons – The Noted Pie Shop, 3A King Street, Richmond, DL10 4HP.

Date: November 2018

Richmond is a Market Town and civil parish in North Yorkshire, and the administrative centre of the district of Richmondshire.  Historically in the North Riding of Yorkshire, and situated on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales National Park, it’s one of the park’s main tourist attractions.

The cobbled Market Square is a popular visiting spot where you can usually find a huge variety of foodstuffs and goods including fresh fish, meat, cheese, fruit, vegetables, and more importantly (for us) Pies. The Market Hall is open seven days a week and hosts a daily market with a very varied selection of goods, with the Farmers Market held every 3rd Saturday of the month.

On the right side of the Market Square, we found the Noted Pie Shop where a vast array of Pies are on sale varying in size. They also sell Quiches, and Bacon, Sausages and Eggs, so if you are looking to cook and kick off your day with a traditional English Breakfast this would be a good place to shop supporting a local business. The shop is very popular with tourists and locals alike, and the staff in the shop were very helpful and friendly. There were so many pies to choose from I stood there for a good ten minutes letting other customers go first as I could not make a decision. There were Meat and Potato, Corned Beef, Steak and Kidney, Chicken and Leek, Cheese & Onion and the good old fashioned Pork Pies to name just a few. I finally opted for a Meat and Potato and the Chicken and Leek with the recommendation of a member of staff.  

Pie: 1 of 2 Meat and Potato 

Temperature as eaten: Hot

Rating: 8.9

The pastry was golden and tasted delicious, it was firm on the outside and the filling of Meat and Potato was moist and very substantial, completely filling the Pie casing, ensuring you experienced the full flavour with every mouthful.  This Pie and the filling were of the highest quality and great value for money at only £1.20 each.

Pie: 2 of 2 Chicken and Leek 

Temperature as eaten: Hot

Rating: 8.8

The pie was of good size and the shortcrust pastry lid was golden and firm on the outside. The filling was creamy, moist and of the highest quality in produce and taste. This pie is substantial served on its own, but would go down well if plated up with some homemade chips with garden or mushy peas.  Coupled with a glass of one of Yorkshire’s finest Ales, you would struggle to find a more satisfying meal.

A traditional Butcher selling some good quality pies.  I would highly recommend a visit to The Noted Pie Shop.

Pie take-away heaven!


The Noted Pie Shop in Richmond
Meat and Potato
A well filled Meat and Potato
Chicken and Leek
Again well filled – Chicken and Leek




















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