Carvery Courtyard Contentment (Part 2 of 3)

Carvery Courtyard Contentment (Part 2 of 3)

Venue: E & R Grange Butchers,  11 Carr Lane, Slaithwaite, Huddersfield. HD7 5AN 

Facebook Site: E&R Grange Butchers

Date: June 2018

Pie: Steak Pie

Temperature as eaten: Hot

Rating: 9.1

Here we are with part two of the review of pies from the the Butcher’s shop run by E & R Grange in Slaithwaite.   

The Steak Pie was a well formed and tasty looking offering measuring approximately 2.5cm deep, 6cms long and 3.5 cms wide.  The shortcrust pastry was an inviting golden colour and well cooked through.  The filling of the pie, as the name suggests was beef steak cut into nice bite sized chunks.  The pie was well stuffed with plenty of meat and a rich dark peppery gravy.  The combination was very pleasing and the generous amount of succulent steak chunks contained no fat or lumps of gristle.  Yes this was a quality Steak Pie, very good quality in fact, and eaten hot the combination of pastry and filling melted in the mouth. There was no jaw aching steak in this pie, you know the type of steak I mean, the type where you have to chew the meat a thousand times before its ready to swallow (ok a thousand may be a slight exaggeration).  No, this was a really well cooked and seasoned steak filling.  The beef was obviously of good quality, as you would expect from a Butcher, and I suspect the meat had been cooked long and slow in it’s own juices which resulted in a pie filling that was mouthwatering.  If there had been a bone for the steak to fall off that is exactly what it would have done. 

This is a pie that would be perfect to eat with some thrice cooked chunky chips and fresh garden vegetables.  Probably a little too messy to eat from the hand while walking in the hills around Slaithwaite, but if you sat down on a rock by a babbling brook to enjoy this mouthwatering delight then you could just about manage to finish it off with only a limited amount of finger licking.  

Definitely a pie I would buy again.



Posted on: October 10, 2018EditorBPA

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