Hadfields’ Pork Pie Pleaser.

Hadfields’ Pork Pie Pleaser.

Venue: Hadfields’, 18 Carr Lane, Slaithwaite, Huddersfield. HD7 5AN 

Web Site: Hadfields’ Bakery

Date: June 2018

Pie: Pork Pie x 2

Temperature as eaten: Hot & Cold

Rating: 8.8

Hadfields’ is a busy little bakery shop I spied while passing through the village of Slaithwaite on the hunt for a local farm a few months ago, and I made a point of calling in there a couple of weeks back to sample their wares.  The bakery is part of a chain around the Huddersfield area and they have been purveyors of, as their website states, “Quality food on the go”, for over 50 years.  The business is family run, which is always a bonus I think, especially when it comes to seeking out a pie.

I asked for one of their traditionally made Pork Pies, changed my mind and amended my order to two and left the shop with a smile on my face.  I ate one on the way back to my car as I was somewhat peckish having missed my breakfast and saved the second for my dinner (or tea if you live in the north).  It was a good eat as I sauntered back to the car with not many crumbs falling to the pavement for the birds to scavenge.  Happy and my rumbling tum satisfied I set about the rest of my day.

In the evening I ate the second pie cold with a little english mustard and the experience was equally pleasurable. The pie was perfectly formed and very appetising to look at. The pastry was a lovely golden brown colour akin to a light Teak or antique Pine but cut somewhat more easily.  The texture of the pastry was good and crisp on the outside, soft on the inside which I like, just maybe a little too thick for me and as you can see from the photos there was a little separation at the lid as a result.  The pork filling was delicious, seasoned and flavourful, complimenting the pastry well.  There was a small amount of gapping but nothing to worry about, but not much in the way of jelly or juice.  I think that this had been absorbed by the pastry over the day as the pie I ate at lunch was hot and moist so there was definitely some jelly/juice in there at that point in time.

I’m probably just being a little picky over the thickness of the pastry as this is my personal preference and overall, I enjoyed both pies equally, one hot, one cold  I would definitely call in again if I was passing by and had a rumbling in my tum.   





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