Upper Crust in Uppermill – A Mini Series (Part 3 of 3)

Upper Crust in Uppermill – A Mini Series (Part 3 of 3)

Venue: J.W. Buckley’s Bakery, 89, High Street, Uppermill, Saddleworth, Oldham. OL3 6AP

Facebook Page: Buckley’s Uppermill

Date: 16th June 2018

Pie: Cheese & Onion

Temperature as eaten: Hot

Rating: 8.9


And so onto the final part of my mini series based on the pies baked on the premises of J.W. Buckley in Uppermill, Saddleworth.

I always compare Cheese & Onion pies to the Cheese & Onion Pie that my Mum used to make on an enamel plate.  I try not to, but I do.  Having said that I have eaten quite a few Cheese & Onion pies over the years.  A few have come close, and a few have (yes, I have to admit it), been even better, but when reviewing a Cheese & Onion pie, there is a pretty high benchmark to be measured against.  So let me say now, that the J.W. Buckley Cheese & Onion pie is a cracker.  Great looking, great smelling, great tasting and one of those pies that you’ll want buy again about 2 seconds after your first bite.  Or, maybe, the next time you visit Uppermill you’ll be saying inside your head while waiting in the queue to the counter, “No!  I should try one of the other pies. I always have a Cheese & Onion Pie, I’ll have something different”.  But, when you get to the serving counter in the shop the words “I’d like a Cheese & Onion Pie please” will  come out of your mouth and when you get outside you’ll be thinking “How did that happen?”.

The pastry on the the Buckley’s Cheese & Onion pie is always a lovely golden colour and is perfect for an eating from the hand experience.  Of course the pie can be taken home and eaten cold (yes it’s as good cold as it is hot) or reheated, which is what I did on this occasion.  Although, I was tempted to pull over my car at the top of Grains Bar and devour the pie there and then, but my will power was unusually strong that day.  

So later that evening after popping the pie onto a baking tray into a preheated oven at 180 Celsius for 12 mins (trial and error has determined this to be the optimum for this particular pie), I set about the eating.  As expected the pastry was, as described above, an almost sun drenched ochre colour, the consistency was good too, and the filling was copious. The filling of Cheddar cheese along with the diced onion was delicious.  This is not a Cheese & Onion of gloopy mess, not a thick cheese sauce type of a pie where there is no recognisable cheese or discernible onion content.  No, this is a proper Cheese & Onion Pie where the Cheese and the Onion are just that with a touch of salt and pepper seasoning that completes the filling to make a delightful eat.  A pie that is a good size and perfect for a meal on the go.  A pie that will leave you satisfied, but will bring forth that little devil that sits on your shoulder telling you to go back and buy another pie to eat again right now,  the little devil that you ignore because you know that your jeans are already at their stretchiness limit.   

And so my mini series on the bakery that is J.W. Buckley is at an end.  And what a great pie to finish on.  Of course there are many other delights on sale that are made daily in the bakery, their bread is lovely, and the cakes are sublime, especially the Vanilla Slices, you really should try them.  But only one mind, or I can guarantee that little devil will be whispering in your ear again.  




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