A Dietary Dilemma at Sixsmith’s Bakery

A Dietary Dilemma at Sixsmith’s Bakery

A day out in the Lake District has to start with a visit to the Sixsmith Bakery in Edenfield to pick up a few supplies to eat on the fells.  As I’ve mentioned in a previous post it is like stepping back in time when you step through the door into dark wood panelled store front and survey the arrangements of home-made cakes, breads, jams and pies.  I guess, with imagination it could be like stepping into a shop in Harry Potter’s Diagon Alley (except in the Potter world they probably isn’t the array of tasty pies!)

Usually my staple choice of pie would be the Meat & Potato but I spied that Steak & Kidney was an offering.  Whilst growing up Steak & Kidney pie used to be the standard choice but over recent years this old favourite appears to have given ground to other fillings.  I thought I’d give it a go (well actually two goes, as I bought a couple – it was a long day out I had in mind).

Slightly ellipse in shape, golden firm but not brittle pastry, and a pleasing ‘leakage’ of gravy on the lid made this look very appealing.  Would the taste live up to the look?  The answer is an emphatic yes!  Even though I ate this several hours after purchase the filling was still moist, with no patches of dryness.  The flavours of both the lean steak and the kidney were distinguishable and hadn’t fused together. There was, what I felt was, just the right proportion of steak to kidney so each bite gave a potentially different experience.

The second pie didn’t last long either!

This finding is going to cause pause for thought in future – Do I go for the Meat & Potato or return to my youth an pick the Steak & Kidney?  I guess the answer is both!

An excellent  8.8








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