Dropping in at The Anchor Inn

Dropping in at The Anchor Inn

Venue: The Anchor Inn, 137 Frankwell, Shrewsbury, Shropshire. SY3 8JX

Web Site: The Anchor Inn

Date: 21st March 2018

Pie: Steak & Ale Pie

Temperature as eaten: Hot

Rating: 9.4

I may have mentioned before, I spend quite a bit of time in the Midlands and in particular the Shrewsbury area.  While I’m there I like to explore various eating establishments and more often than not, if there is one on the menu, I go for The Pie.  A recent trip lead me to a very quaint and well patronised pub called The Anchor Inn, located just over the Welsh Bridge in Shrewsbury. Low ceilings, original stone floors, beams, etc, you’ve been to similar places I’m sure.  The Anchor Inn, being quite literally only a few strides away from the Theatre Severn, is regularly frequented by touring artists, actors and actresses, who after (and some before) their shows are eager to sample a great selection of Real Ales and Cider.  But I was there early, and I was there for the food.

I’d been told that the menu at the Anchor Inn was not extensive, but that it changed regularly and the food served up by Rick and Teresa Williams was freshly made on the premises, sourced from the local area, and well worth a visit.  It’s always good to listen to what the locals say as they usually only give good tips on where to eat and again on this occasion their advice was right on the money.

So to the main topic of discussion, the pie.  On this occasion there was only one pie on offer, a Steak & Ale Pie.  On ordering I was informed that the pies in the Anchor Inn are made upon request, so there would be and approximate forty-five minute wait.  Not a problem I thought, so I had a light starter and a flagon of ale while I waited.  The pie arrived, about forty minutes after ordering and truth be told, I’d seen several dishes being delivered to other tables while I ate my very tasty starter and there was an element of envy in my gaze as I watched the plates being delivered.  So, as my plate arrived I was already expecting a substantial and appetising pie and I was very happy with the fine delivery.  Accompanied by garden peas, chunky and well cooked chips was a rustic looking home made pie of substancial, depth and girth.  There was a delicate pouring of beef gravy on one side of the pie and the pastry was golden.  It was a very eye pleasing dish indeed.  When I cut into the pie the delight continued.  Large chucks of steak, a think and rich gravy.  In the tasting it was seasoned very nicely with a black peppery edge to the gravy and steak filling which made the tastebuds tingle a little and the mouth water. There was plenty of filling as you can see from the photo, well stuffed as we like to say.  The pastry was crisp top and bottom, but not to the point where it was hard and crunchy which can sometimes happen if slight over cooked, but as I say this was not it was an excellent pie and well worth the wait.  I admit, I did end up leaving a few of the chips as the pie was very filling, but when the last mouthful of the pie had gone I still wanted more so tasty was the combination of pastry and filling.

In addition to a really great Steak & Ale Pie, the atmosphere in the Anchor Inn is relaxed, not stuffy at all and there are a few local characters to add a little humour to the evening if people watching is a pastime.  The staff are very polite, attentive and happy to take your requests to the chef if there is a particular element of your meal that doesn’t suit (I heard a couple of requests while I was that that were happily accommodated).  The staff at the bar are also very welcoming, friendly and happy to talk you through the menu and make recommendations, so over all a really great place to eat, drink and be merry.  I’ve been back there again already and sampled their Anchor Burger with Stilton Cheese which was equally epic and I suspect I’ll be going back there over the coming months to check our the rest of the menu, and may a pie or two while I’m at it……. All in the name of research of course 🙂


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