Has Crusty gone Rusty?

Has Crusty gone Rusty?

A long overdue return to the Crusty Cob in Ancoats. So what do I go for, the benchmark in Meat and Potato pie excellence or the Cheese and Onion… or both?

After much deliberation…. The Cheese and Onion pie it was. My initial view was that it was a compact pie and on breaking open revealed about a three quarters deep filling, leaving a slight air gap at the top. The pastry seemed slightly different from what I had tasted before at the Crusty Cob – perhaps a bit shorter. The all-important taste test and it didn’t, to me, seem over salty or spicy – but also didn’t present a rich cheesey (or onion) taste.

The filling was a bit softer than I’d have liked so would have done nicely with some ‘foil help’.

A pretty generic 6.9

.. And now onto my Meat and Potato (which incidentally is nearly twice the weight).


Posted on: December 6, 2017EditorBPA

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