Pie in a Box (and no Jack to be seen).

Pie in a Box (and no Jack to be seen).

Tebay Services on the M62 in Cumbria has a reputation for being one of the best Motorway Services in the country with its award winning farm shops.  It was these services I called into on a return from a day on the Northern Lakeland Fells for a coffee and some sustenance.

The hot pie outlet is at the entrance of the southbound carridgeway and I was spoiled for choice, Chicken & Mushroom or Cheese & Onion to name but two. I went for the Cheese & Onion which was presented to me in what I thought would have doubled up as a very nice rustic gift box (save that for later!), along with a wooden knife and fork.

If the only complaint I can come up with (and it is) is that it was too hot then I think there is not much to worry about.  It was a bit fiddly to eat out of the box with the knife and fork as it was also held in a foil pie casing, but this slight niggle was offset by the full filling of cheese and onion – not the gloop you sometimes find in lesser pies. Bothe the cheese and onion were chunky and there was no ‘air space’ in the pastry – very pleasing.

I know where I’ll be stopping again next time I head up to the Lake District.

For the Tebay Cheese & Onion a good 8.3



Dare I open the box?
No Jack in here, just a good old C&O
Posted on: August 16, 2017EditorBPA

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