(Yes) Pie Minister

(Yes) Pie Minister

Pie Minster in the Northern Quarter of Manchester is the go to place for a quality pie.

The menu has such pies with names like Moo (Beef Steak & Ale), Kate & Sidney (Steak & Kidney), Deer Stalker (Venison), Chilli Con Carnage (Beef Chilli)  Wild Shroom (Mushroom).

I choose the Chicken of Aragon on this occasion which came on a bed of mash. I topped it off with gravy to make a sumptuous meal.  The pie had a short crust side and bottom with a puff pastry like top.  My pie was filled with succulent chunky chicken and bacon. Delicious!  I’m looking forward to trying all the rest of their offerings.

Where did we go in Manchester before we had Pie Minster?

A true 8.6.


Pie Minister’s Chicken of Aragon
A well filled pie
With lashings of gravy
Pie Minister’s Chicken of Aragon.
Posted on: June 26, 2017EditorBPA

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